About Us

Gordon Training UK is a not-for-profit organisation licensed by Gordon Training International - world renowned human relations training company.

About families building block

Our inspiration and programmes all come from Dr. Thomas Gordon, author of 'Parent Effectiveness Training' and founder of 'Gordon Training International' .

We are currently a small team of Instructors dedicated to providing individuals with Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution skills to build productive, harmonious relationships.

Thomas Gordon believed that families, whatever their configuration, are the essential building block of society, and that they CAN be harmonious and enjoyable. He felt that by being given some insights, and the opportunity to learn some basic communication skills, parents could transform their families from combative zones, to cooperative groups.

As Instructors, we have all experienced this transformation. We do not claim to be ‘perfect parents’, but we are all grateful to have found a system that makes sense of the parenting job, and gives us skills that mean we can maintain close, productive rewarding, relationships with our children. We want to share this with you.

Val Winfield is an authorised Instructor and Instructor Trainer. Val took the course as a parent in Canada and trained there to become an Instructor. On her return to the UK she worked for some years to develop the relationship with GTI in the US, before becoming the UK Representative in 2003.

Read and find out more about Val and her experience here.

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