Y.E.T - Youth Effectiveness Training

Responding to emerging evidence of the importance of emotional and social competence Y.E.T. is designed to offer youth/teens personal development and relationship skills using the established Gordon communication skills model.

Y.E.T. is an 18-hour program designed for 12 sessions of 90 minutes but can be adjusted to be compatible with a school timetable. It is suitable for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18.

Some of the benefits teens can gain from taking a Y.E.T. course:

  • learn to understand and respect themselves and others better
  • learn skills to communicate effectively and assertively about their needs, concerns and problems, and take responsibility without blaming others
  • learn to listen with empathy to others and understand their point of view
  • feel able to deal with current issues such as cyber bullying, screen use, isolation, anxiety and social media pressures
  • be able to relate to people who are different from them
  • learn to resolve problems and conflicts peacefully with friends and family
  • learn to confront bullies effectively, and stand up for others who are being bullied

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