Participant Testimonials

  • What an eye-opener - I now have skills which I can use in situations where I used to despair and end up feeling useless and a failure - this course is great.


  • Exciting, stimulating, challenging

    J. Goodman

  • The ideas became more powerful as the weeks went on.

    A. Carrell

  • My outlook on life has changed. I'm more confident and will change not just my parenting but the way I behave and relate.

    M. Cawley

  • Originally I was skeptical about it as I felt I could be paying to hear things that were just common sense - my 5yr old and I are learning to find solutions to our problems which suit us both, rather than being left with the feeling one of us has won and the other lost.


  • I felt relieved to have found acceptance of myself as a parent.

    A. Croft

  • I feel every parent should be given the chance to learn P.E.T. - what a happier world we would have for ourselves and our children.

    M. Kredi

  • Less conflict between my two children.


  • Children much happier and coming up with their own solutions.


  • My 6yr old is calmer and more open to discuss things so we have less major rows. He has said he likes the way we think of 'delutions' ( solutions).


  • As well as learning some new approaches to parenting, I am also assured that I am not as bad a parent as I thought. The course has given me greater confidence.


  • I'm very glad I took it. It made me realise that we're not 'bad' parents, we're all 'different ' parents.