T.E.T - Teacher Effectiveness Training

The most significant impact on children’s learning and happiness at school is the quality of the teacher-student relationship.

The essential communication and conflict-resolution skills to create high quality relationships with students

Teacher Effectiveness Training is a course designed specifically for use by teachers in schools. The Gordon structure and skills are placed into the school environment, which necessarily has its own rule system.

Teachers often find themselves using precious time and energy in dealing with students’ problems and behavioural issues.

Children’s behaviour is usually driven by underlying feelings and needs but many teaching techniques focus on trying to change children’s behaviour and therefore miss the underlying causes. This often results in change that is short-lived and doesn’t help children develop important social and emotional skills.

The Gordon skills, however, enable teachers to deal with behavioural issues effectively, helping children identify and address their underlying feelings and needs, and developing relationships based on mutual respect.

Children are happier, more co-operative, resilient and self-disciplined and valuable teaching/learning time is increased.

Turn a disruptive classroom into a productive one.

Total course duration is 30 hours, contact us for more information.

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