B.Y.B - Be Your Best

A personal Self-Improvement Workshop

Be Your Best (BYB) is a course designed to enable individuals to live their life to the fullest, using the Gordon philosophy and communications skills with added learnings to develop self awareness, personal responsibility, and reduce fear and anxiety.

This is a course in which you will not only learn how to identify who 'owns' a problem, but also effective skills in resolving conflict and meeting your own needs assertively.

In this personal empowerment course you will learn how to effectively and confidently:

  • Understand the concept of personal power and responsibility
  • Identify important personal needs
  • Express needs, feelings, and ideas in a clear and direct way
  • Acknowledge others’ efforts
  • Set and maintain personal boundaries
  • Say ‘no’ to unacceptable requests
  • Prevent problems and manage conflicts in relationships
  • Assertively confront another person when their behaviour interferes with you meeting your own needs
  • Reduce fear and anxiety and move toward meeting your personal needs and goals
  • Become aware of the ineffective use of Authoritarian ‘power-over’ and Submissive ‘giving up’ our power
  • Use the No Lose method of ‘power-with-another’, to resolve conflicts
  • Handle values collisions by choosing from a variety of effective strategies
  • Recognise when another person needs help and using effective listening skills
  • Identify the 12 roadblocks to communication
  • Plan for and achieve important personal goals.

Duration: 3 hour sessions offered over a 10 week period.

Classes: As a skills based personal self improvement program, you will practice your learning within your class to gain confidence in using them in your everyday life.

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