Val Winfield


Val is an authorised Instructor, Instructor Trainer and the GTI Representative for the UK.

"While working as a Speech and Language Therapist for the US Army in Germany, I was introduced to the P.E.T book. I liked it, but with no children of my own was rather blasé about how much I would NEED it!

Later, with 3 children under 5, thank goodness my husband’s job moved the family to Canada and I was able to do the course. I was amazed - and relieved! - to discover the value of listening instead of giving advice or reassurance, of creating a message that people actually listened to, and to have a way of solving a dilemma where we all felt pleased - and I didn't have to come up with all the answers!!

Our 'kids', now 31, 35 and 37 are confident caring adults, and great company. They have absorbed many of the principles and skills, and are good communicators both at work and in their relationships.

Taking people through the course is a delight and a privilege - to see their scepticism morph into 'aha' moments, and witness the changes in their family interactions is really rewarding."


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