Online PET book club

Starting 2nd week of January 2021

One of our Instructors, Mary Maclachlan, will be starting a PET online book club this month. This has been a popular substitute for regular P.E.T. courses in other countries and we are pleased to be offering it in the UK.

The duration of the book club will be eight weeks and will consist of weekly two-hour online sessions. You buy the book, read two chapters a week and then join a lively, group Zoom meeting to discuss and explore the concepts in the book, guided by Mary, an authorised P.E.T. Instructor.

Due to the current pandemic and distancing regulations Instructors are unable to run face to face group courses at the moment so this would be an ideal opportunity for any parents who are interested in learning about P.E.T. but at a safe distance.

Mary is based in Manchester but as the book club is online you only need the P.E.T. book and a WiFi connection to participate, you don’t need to live locally to her!

Optional follow-up sessions will be available with Mary to practice the theory and develop the skills learnt. This will hopefully be in person if regulations allow but may also have to be online.

Read about Mary Maclachlan on this website here

For full details of the book club - dates, times, pricing - contact Mary directly by email: