Dr Mary Machlachlan


I have always loved learning and have done more than my fair share; I am a qualified doctor and lawyer. The birth of my first child put my medico-legal career on permanent hold. Whilst pregnant with my second child a small woodland came up for sale near to my home in South Manchester. This was the start of a 15 year journey into Forest School, outdoor learning and a different way of communicating with my family, colleagues and the children I interacted with.

My second child didn’t sleep through the night for 3 years and this took its toll on my resilience while managing 2 children under 4 years old. I searched for a more compassionate way of being with my children. The humanist approach underpinned all communication at The Wood School, a project I created to provide outdoor learning for primary aged children. There were no punishments and no rewards. No judgement, but mutual respect that we are all doing the best we can with the skills we have in that moment.

I have extensive experience working with children with ADHD, autism, attachment issues, as well as children who are experiencing emotional trauma. All families can benefit from PET.

The Wood School project was a huge success and continued for over 10 years as an alternative educational setting. In April 2019, I qualified as an Instructor in Parent Effectiveness Training. I offer full courses, 1:1 support and continue to gain more competence myself! My children, now 15 & 17 years old, tell me that everyone should follow this approach.

My contact details are:

Email: marymaclachlan04@gmail.com

Website: https://peacefulparentingprogrammes.co.uk

Phone: 07790 368117