Muur Roberts


I have 9 years' experience of using P.E.T. to great effect - in my home, at work in the school, and in all my relationships.

I have a very good relationship with my two daughters who are 16 and 11 years. The youngest doesn't know life before P.E.T. and the eldest really welcomed the P.E.T. way of communicating, nearly 9 years ago.

I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in both primary and secondary schools since learning P.E.T. and have found the skills very useful and have never had any trouble creating rapport with any child.

As well as teaching Parent Effectiveness and Teacher Effectiveness I am also a certified Instructor for Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.) and Be Your Best.

I am available for online support for Family Effectiveness Training (for F.E.T. see here)

My contact details are:


Phone: 07950-362357