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Andrea Rippon


Hello. My name is Andrea and I qualified as a PET instructor in 2017. PET is a person centred approach to Parenting, an approach originally pioneered by Dr Carl Rogers between 1930-1980s . Dr Thomas Gordon was his PhD student, who applied what was originally a counselling approach, to Leadership and Parenting. Dr Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training programme is amazing. It helped me to raise my own children in an environment of understanding and respect, which was particularly important for my daughter, who is diagnosed with Autism.

I measure a good relationship by knowing that the respect I have for my child is higher than my own ego. It’s when our understanding of each other is greater than our conflicts; and it’s when we feel free to be different people, living together for a value that we both share. This doesn’t come easily. It requires emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills and problem solving/conflict resolution strategies. It needs me to lead myself in a way that my children will want to follow me.

With a practical and pragmatic programme on Parent Effectiveness Training, I can help you take the fight out of the family so you can bring respectful and fulfilling relationships back in. You will look at re-framing your thinking, which will instantly ease the pressure. You will also know how to work WITH your children, rather than against them. Disciplining and influencing them IN a relationship is much, much easier – and it gets better results.

I did a TEDx talk about this – please have a look. https://youtu.be/8vCEHEHPcRQ

In addition to delivering the PET programme, I am also a trainer, facilitator and coach. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, mostly at the University of East Anglia where I was a Course Director of their Counselling Skills Programme. I use Rogers’ Person Centred Theory to support individuals and organisations build stronger relationships at home, work and school. Please find out more by clicking on my website link below.

Andrea Rippon, Director

Stronger Relationships Ltd

A Social Enterprise, which reinvests surplus profit to offer support and training opportunities to young people and parents/carers.

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I can also be found on all Social Media if you search for Stronger Relationships.

“As a dad, I used to hit the conflict zone so quickly with my toddler, going down the punishment/reward route too quickly. I learnt how to respect her views and listen, without losing parental control. Now we collaborate. It’s so empowering for us both. Andrea is a total legend.”

“Andrea is supportive, with razor sharp insights. I saw some lovely results with my child and in other family relationships too.”