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Other courses

In creating Gordon Training International, Tom Gordon realised that the skills he promoted in his pioneering work for parents could be applied to many other relationships and environments. Hence the development of the teacher programme; Teacher Effectiveness Training.

Conflict resolution in schools
boy being bullied A course designed to fit into a school timetable, focused on helping students learn skills for resolving conflicts and disputes.
Students are encouraged to take responsibility for solving their own disputes. They are given structure and coached in skills to achieve this.
They experience co-operation and collaboration in place of withdrawing, dropping out or punishment.
  • 15 x 1 hour units
  • Relevant for 14 years upwards
  • Appropriate for groups of 20 - 25 participants

Be your best

couple shouting with megaphone This is a course in which you will not only learn how to identify who 'owns' a problem, but also effective skills in resolving conflict and meeting your own needs assertively.

Leader effectiveness training

office workers with heads together smiling Improving communication and conflict resolution can dramatically reduce people problems within a team, department and company.
Visit: www.Acclara.co.uk for more information on L.E.T.
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