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Gordon Training UK is the U.K. branch of Gordon Training International - world renowned human relations training company. Thomas Gordon, a clinical psychologist, founded the company in the 1960's following the success of his course Parent Effectiveness Training. This is widely recognised as the first skills based training programme for parents and has been frequently copied and adapted.

Photo of Thomas Gordon Tom Gordon went on to write widely on many issues, especially related to organisational leadership, conflict resolution and democratic decision-making in relation to families, education and business management. He was the recipient of numerous awards and nominated three times for a Nobel Peace prize.
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Val Winfield is an authorised instructor and G.T.I. representative in the U.K. Her training and experience as a paediatric speech and language therapist lulled her into a false sense of security about being a parent. Two argueing toddlers highlighted the need for a different approach, which P.E.T. provided. Having a clear structure for understanding all family conflicts reduced anxiety immediately. Being given the skills to deal with them, while avoiding the use of punishment and threats, was like winning the lottery. We could then deal with any conflict, problem or difference and continue to have close relationships.
Our kids are confident, responsible, good communicators and great company.
P.E.T. works!

Gordon Training UK is still a very small organisation, without national coverage. If you do not find an instructor in your area, contact us to see how we can support you in accessing these materials.
Email: ValWinfield@GordonTraining.co.uk

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