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Welcome to Gordon Training U.K
Revised Dates for Instructor Training Workshop:
PET Training 2nd - 5th July
TET 2-day Add-on - 8th and 9th July
Please email Val for further information and to register.

- part of the International family of Gordon courses.

Our courses are used by parents, teachers and anyone interested in developing positive, rewarding relationships.

Proven studies
Training in communication skills and conflict-resolution is based on proven, tested skills and the courses have been well researched and evaluated. Since the 1960's millions of people world-wide have benefited from applying these methods in their schools, families or businesses
PET feedback:

   "I'm less stressed and angry"
"There's less conflict between my children"
   "I feel listened to"
"It made me more confident as a parent"
   "The children listen more; fewer tantrums"
"There's less shouting, children open up more"
   "I'm relieved there's another way"

"Parents are blamed, not trained."
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